Rat Terriers

This is a very happy Rat Terrier.

This is a very happy Rat Terrier.

Caleb Dexter, Contributor

Have you ever heard of a dog called a Rat Terrier? It was originally bred to catch and terminate mice and rats.Someone  once said “A house is not a home without a rat terrier.”Today we will be talking about Rat terriers and some experiences I’ve had with them.


Hearing: Rat terriers can hear from a ways away they will come running when you step out of and close the door.There is nothing more annoying than a Rat Terrier that has no idea what he or she heard.(Especially at night )

Taste/Smell/Food: Rat Terriers have a good sense of taste this can sometimes not be good, they can be very picky so you might want to watch what you give them to eat.Rat terriers have a great sense of smell and can love or hate new smells. Rat Terriers can be very picky animals, I can tell you that from experience. My dog is very picky. We have 2 dogs and out of them both our terrier is the pickiest, when we give them fat and put it on their food he will not eat it and, that is like royalty for a dog (in my opinion).

The Energy of a Rat Terrier: Rat Terriers have tons of energy and they can be very annoying when they feel like it. Rat Terriers Are originally bred from fox terriers who need a lot of energy for hunting. They can be very fun but probably not the best type of dog for a family with small children.

Stubbornness: Rat Terriers are very kind and energetic until they don’t want to be when they just want to play but you want to pet them, you call him/her and he/she will not come. Or if you want it to stop chasing the cat well it will not stop until the cat climbs a tree or finds a great hiding spot.

Sleep: Well the nice thing about Rat Terriers is after they are so energetic they get tired and they will just want to lay down and sometimes in your lap, it is so nice when they just want to be with you. 🙂

Games: The thing I love most about them is when they play tug of war with me.It can be so fun,they also like to play fetch that is if you teach them how to.

Exploring: Rat Terriers love to explore. They have so much fun doing it too, but sometimes they get into things you don’t want them to. But that’s what dogs do and that’s why we love them.



If you like the sound of Rat Terriers, maybe think about getting one for yourself.I have one for myself and he is very fun to play with and pet.You will love them when or if you get one.

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