Pets are cute.

Pets are cute.

Ava Tyson, Contributor

According to the american pet products association, “Americans spend $72.56 billion on pets each year.” Looking at how much money people spend on animals I would just like to talk about my favorite pets that we have bought in the past years. So keep reading if you would like to learn more.

The first thing I want to talk about is Dogs they have different things to them that might be good, it might be annoying and it might be what they need. So here are all of those things. The good thing is they are always up to play. Dogs are super playful, but sometimes dogs can be lazy like cats. The annoying thing about them is they always bark at random things. Some things they might bark at are cars going by, squirrels, you, people, ect. Some needs that they need are food and water, walking, and to go outside to the bathroom. This is the paragraph about about dogs.

My next thing I would like to talk about is a cat. Cat’s are more boring than Dogs. But there are some good things to them and some smelly things. Cat’s can give themselves a bath which you woun;t have to do unless you absolutely have to. An annoying thing about them is they sleep a lot so you don’t have to play with them so if you want to go do something they will take care of themselves. They also need some things they need: food and water, a warm and cozy place to sleep, and a litter box. That was my paragraph about Cat’s.

My next thing I would like to talk about is Gold fish. Gold fish live in water so they won’t bother you and you can do your own thing. An annoying thing is you have to clean the tank and the water every so often. They don’t need a lot but they do need food and water, a clean tank and water. This is all about Goldfish.


I hope you enjoyed reading about these animals and I hope that you consider buying one. I really hope you would take into consideration buying a dog, cat or goldfish. I really hope you enjoyed those videos. HAVE A GOOD DAY BYE!!!!!!