All About Bees

Bee on a flower getting pollen.

Bee on a flower getting pollen.

Maddox Shivley, contributor



Did you know that without bees we would not have a lot of fruit and food today? Bees are very important for the world. In fact Honey bees pollinate 80% percent of our food. I could not imagine a world without bees. I am Maddox Shivley and I am almost a three year beekeeper. I have three hives. I am going to be talking about what the bees eat. Also, what they do. After that, how important they are. Finally, what you can do to help the Bees live.


Bees’ food is very important for them. Just like anything else  They need water and food but they make their food and get the ingredients from flowers. They got a lot more grocery stores than us. So you might think that watering bees would be easy so that you can keep your neighbors happy and keep them out of pools and bird baths. It is not that bees prefer pools and other water sources. We would sit a little bowl of water and they would not touch it but when we go to the dog bowl there is like 5. They get pollen from all flowers that carry it. That is why they have so much honey. They carry pollen on their legs and then put pollen in the cells.They work so hard over the summer so that they can eat it all over the winter because they can not go outside of the beehive because of the cold.


You might think that bees are just out to sting. They really aren’t. Their goal is to get pollen. But if a person decides to swat at him he is going to sting. That is why they say if you leave it alone then it will leave you alone. Also, some bees stay in the hive because they need to take care of the babies and feed them, so when they die there is more coming right after them. Also the bees have to prep the honey. They have to flap their wings to get the water out. They also need to put wax on top like a lid.


Bees are really important because they pollinate 80% of plants. Plants need pollinated to reproduce. Humans need plants for food and oxygen, which is why bees are so important. If lawn care owners use non-friendly chemicals for their grass and plants then we won’t have honey and a lot of other foods.. 

Now that you know how important the bees are to the earth, you can help the bees too. Do not use non friendly chemicals on your grass or crops because they will bring the chemical in the hive which would kill the hive. If you don’t mow grass or do crops then you can also do something that would help the bees. Which would be to plant some flowers and trees. Also you could help by not killing bees.This is a video About bee”s