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This is an Xbox controller.

Justin Mauzey, Contributor

Did you know that it takes over a year for development just because of their graphics, code, and story? And because of this, the game builds up anticipation for the game’s release! Some games I have waited for are Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 77, DOOM Eternal, and Minecraft Dungeons. I chose this topic because not many people understand a game’s development. 


Story is very important for games, the reason is that when there is no story nothing can really go anywhere. Making it pointless to make. If the story is interesting, people will stay hooked with the game for a really long time, and keeping the game fresh with new ideas builds that player amount. Story can be the most interesting part of a game. It can also be the most fun thing about it, as you can theorize about the game’s secrets to figure what it means.


Graphics are the second most important thing in a game because, If you see something out of place and isn’t normal, you won’t be able to see it with the beautiful graphics.  Seeing all of the real time rendering (real time rendering means it appears in your view as soon as you see it, and there is no lag, lag meaning something taking forever). with the graphics it’s really interesting, especially with games that aren’t based on the world. Low Resolution textures in a game can lead to bad feedback from big companies like IGN. There should always be a setting for the texture sizes. 


Gameplay is important as well, because without the mechanics of said gameplay, the game will be completely unplayable. You don’t want to have many attacks as it can get tiring for the player’s fingers. A combo is a set of buttons to set off certain moves within a character.


In conclusion, a game’s development should never be rushed as it can damage the creator’s motivation to work. As without motivation, it will lead to a dream game that was never developed. It should be taken into consideration that games are really time consuming and not so easy. And all of these things shown above, is how your loved games are made carefully. 


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