The Texas Baseball Ranch


Chase Harrington, Contributor

On October 16th in Houston, Texas a baseball camp was taking place to help improve the skills of young pitchers. 


The camp was run by Coach Ron Wolfroth, a guy with 27 years worth of experience in baseball mechanics. Ron Wolfworth has worked with MLB pitchers like Justin Verlander, Trevour Bauer, and so many others. He is also assisted by other coaches. Coach Flint Wallace is a former pitching coach at weather ford college and a former Major league pitcher. Coach Jonathan Massey a ranch instructor who is a former college baseball player. Coach Tyler Thompson also a former college player and a college coach


While we were at the Texas baseball ranch we got taught at least over 100 drills. Some of my favorite drills were jump backs. Jump backs is a drill you sit down into your butt. You jump forward and then jump back onto your back leg and the pitch. My second favorite drill would be torque drill. Torque drill is a drill where you lunge with your chest towards the target and then you rock back loading your hip and then you rock forward and throw. My third drill is quick picks. Quick picks is a drill where you are facing away from the target then you step behind with your dominant foot turn around and the throw. Those are the 3 drills.


Many players and parents found these drills very helpful and interesting. When asked, one parent said, “ I think I’ve had goosebumps at least three times.” These drills were very helpful to the players because the drills would get rid of pain wherever, and the drills remind them that they are working with the very best.


The Texas baseball ranch was attended by many players and coaches. Both players and coaches learned a lot of Pitching mechanics and drills, They also learned some stretches to help with posture and pain. If you are interested in attending the Texas Baseball ranch go here .