Within the Move

Clip art of Moving boxes

Clip art of Moving boxes

Justin Mauzey, Contributor

Have you ever moved before? What was it like? Did you enjoy doing it? The reason I wanted to write this was because I have personally been through this.


I woke up to the rush of my cousin telling us to pack. It was mid 2019. The new boxes reassured we would be okay. Something felt off to me as we were packing but it was unrecognizable. I tried to pack faster as the deadline for moving was growing closer.


We successfully packed and moved out. We stayed at a “townhouse”. It was only for about two weeks. The pressure of having to move again was like getting crushed by a vine in a video game. It was very tiring to pack again, except this time we only had a day to move. Again we had packed in under 24 hours and found another place. 


Around Christmas time, when the air was cool and crisp, we had been living in a smaller house for 3-4 months. I pointed out a house that was a yellow-ish tan and had quite a big porch .  She eventually found one that would fit our family. In a state of excitement, I packed my things getting ready to move into my new house. 


I still live in my “new house” ‘till this day. My favorite part is that there’s 2 bathrooms, and my least favorite is how much space the garage takes up. The lesson I have learned was that no matter what, even while moving over and over, you will eventually find a permanent place. I’ve had times where I have wanted to move, but I have rejected those awful thoughts that won’t help me.