Gravel City Roasters Review


This is the logo of Gravel City Roasters.

Lillian Rhudy, Contributor

Today we will be doing a review about Gravel City Roasters. What is Gravel City Roasters? One of the small business coffee shops in Emporia, Kansas. I will be going over the drinks, rules they have set for the coronavirus, and their customer service!

Gravel City Roasters has very contrasting drinks. Looking for something strong? Try an Espresso Frappe. What about something more on the sweet side? A Ladybug would be perfect for you! Gravel City provides many picturesque drinks, which are presented wonderfully.

They are also dealing with the coronavirus very professionally. The drinks are delivered at the side of the curb, and all of the tables are spread out. You cannot come inside the building without a mask and you have to stay 6 feet apart. Gravel City’s customer service is amazing. I never have to wait after I place an order online. Erin Tuttle says, “Customer service is great! One of my favorite places in town. I am immunosuppressed and they are doing really well keeping everybody safe.” The baristas are super friendly, too!

In conclusion, Gravel City Roasters is one of the many flexible small businesses here in Emporia, especially during this difficult time. Feel like visiting? Here is the address, 608 Commercial St #3902. Thank you for your hard work, Gravel City Roasters!