Maddox Shivley, Contributor

Have you ever had a surgery before? I have… and it stinks. Surgeries are tough. I should know I have had five surgeries, but we are only going to talk about one. My surgery was for adenoids and tonsils. Maine  adenoids  were crooked in my nose, so the doctors needed to fix them. 

The ride up to my surgery sucked. It was like knowing you were going to this doctor’s office and knowing you would be out for two weeks. It was completely silent on the drive there because I was scared. My parents were with me. We had to drive up to Topeka, KS for my surgery. 

Once we got there, I started to freak out because there were a lot of people there. Then, we went into a patient room and my doctor explained to me and my parents what was going to happen. He said that I was going to breathe through this thing five times before I passed out.I was really nervous about this. This was going to make sure I was asleep for surgery. Then he strolled me to the operating room and I had to say goodbye to my parents for the last time with my tonsils. Then, the doctors and nurses took me into the room to get ready for surgery. I took my five breaths and hit my head on the bed once I fell asleep. 

The next thing I remember is waking up in a different room with my parents staring at me. I had an IV in my hand and it was painful. Then, I fell asleep once again and took a long nap. I woke up in a wheelchair and waved goodbye to the doctors and nurses. Once I got in the car, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until my parents stopped at Sonic. My parents bought me plain ice. After that we drove home and arrived at my house. My parents moved the recliner from our basement to our living room so I could sleep with elevation like the doctors ordered. I slept there for two whole weeks.

In conclusion, I healed up very slowly. The surgery helped me breathe better though. Even though it sucked in the beginning I got better and now breathe better. I am thankful for the doctors and nurses that helped with my surgery and recovery. This was the story of my last surgery, hopefully.