The Journey of Toy Story

Toy Story is a huge inspiration to many!

Toy Story is a huge inspiration to many!

Justin Mauzey, Contributor

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your toys came to life? Toy Story was the first 3D-animated movie. With 3 other sequels, the franchise is one of the biggest. Movie studios even followed the trend of 3D-animated movies. I am writing about Toy Story because I feel as more people should learn about how long 3D animation can take.


The process of Toy Story started slow, but eventually sped up. The first thing that started the process of it was the script.  Scripts are very critical to movies in the role they play for the actors or voice actors. Then, after the script is finished, they start to work on concept art for the characters. Concept art is where an artist makes an early sketch of something that will most likely change in the near future. Next, came the modeling (modeling is using a 3D software to create a 3D object). Now the artists at Pixar had to practice, since 3D was still new to the market. Then next is the voice acting, where the actor says something on the script that is recorded for the movie. Next comes the animation, where they spend most of their time because of how time consuming it can be, this is also where they light the scenes of the animation. Finally they render the animation with the voices of the characters, then they take it into their own editing program to edit the animation and see if some things need to be redone. 


Now, Pixar would have to hire the voice actors for the movie. They would also have auditions for it as well to see who plays that character the best. Voice actors can be hard to work with if you don’t find the right ones, so it would be best if you did research on them first for some of their work. They chose John Ratzenberger as one of the great voice actors and played Hamm in Toy Story, and has also been in every single Pixar movie since. The production of Toy Story moved really fast for the first 3D animated movie, as things were simpler back in the 90’s and they could easily advertise on big TV shows. 


 The final product of Toy Story racked up $373 Million dollars (US). Many people enjoyed the first so the company of Pixar decided that because people enjoyed it, they would make another one. Toy Story 2 racked up more money than Toy Story did coming in at $497.4 Million dollars. With the next two sequels coming up, they both made more money than Toy Story 1 & 2. The critics even rated it at a 5/5 rating! It also has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes! (Rotten Tomatoes is a good thing)


The animation process has gotten a lot simpler since 1995 but Toy Story will always be known for basically creating the first 3D animated movie in the world. Many people in the world today are very inspired by the movie and continue to move and create great things. You can watch the movie yourself on Disney+ and other streaming services: