Why Is There A Women’s History Month?


Girls have their own place in the world.

Peyton Chanley, Contributor

Why is there a women’s history month? But first, do you know what women’s history month is? Every year; in March, we celebrate women’s history month. This is the month that we have set aside to celebrate women’s contributions in American history. This month is used to remind ourselves of the accomplishments women have caused and created throughout history. But back to our first question, why exactly is there a women’s history month? Eventually over time people started fighting for women’s rights, and things have really evolved for them. But even still today men still have a somewhat higher authority than women do. There still has never been a female president, most protagonists in books and movies are male, some women in different countries are even encouraged to hide their faces. So really after all women have gone through, they deserve at least a month to celebrate their achievements, and that is exactly what they have.