Paige’s Pets: How to Take Care Of a Cat


Have you ever wanted a cat?

Paige Newland, Editor

Imagine, You are sitting on your couch and you think “I need a friend.” Next you think about who your friend could be and boom, lightbulb, I want a cat! But, How am I going to ask my parents? Then you think “I am just going to ask!” They then proceed to say, “You don’t even know how to take care of a cat.” Well I am here to change that. I have 2 cats so I can give you some tips and tricks on how to take care of them.


To take care of a cat, the first thing you need to know is what they need. Cats always need the basics. They need food and water. My cat usually eats 9lives Daily Essentials, but she also likes the Meow Mix Tender Centers. With two cats, one being pregnant,  they eat quite a bit so I always try to get the biggest bag of food as possible. Cats also obviously need water. They also need food and water bowls. I would recommend something with rubber on the bottom because the bowls seem to slide around quite a bit. I would also recommend a cat water fountain. They love to play with the water fountain and drink out of it, plus it keeps the water filtered. One other thing that cats love is cat treats. I would recommend Temptations of any flavor. Finally, if you have a young cat, you definitely want toys because they are very playful. They love anything that makes noise or that has something that moves.


To take care of a cat, you also need to know how they act. Cats are very playful, especially when they are kittens. Like I said before, they love things that move and make noise. Older cats usually just like to sleep and some of them have really quick mood changes. Older cats can be loving up to you one minute but then hissing at the next. If you have an outside cat, they love to catch mice and they are usually a lot harder to catch. If you have a cat that is pregnant, they are a lot like older cats. They love to sleep and they can be happy at one minute and MAD another minute. Finally, middle aged cats are pretty chill. They like to relax, but they can also have a lot of energy to catch mice too.


Finally, to take care of a cat, you need to know what to do everyday. Cats eat quite a bit. You definitely need to make sure that you give them new food and water every day. They tend to get food in their water. They also tend to get food outside of the bowl too. So, I also want to make sure that their area is clean. Cats usually like things to be clean, but they aren’t good at keeping things clean. Speaking of area’s, make sure that you have an area for your cat. They need to know where they can find their food and water. They also need to know where they can find their litter box too. You want to make sure you clean their litter box everyday too. My cat is pregnant so she uses the litter box a lot and if the box is in your room you might even want to clean it every morning and night.


So now that you know how to take care of a cat, go ask your parents. If you want them to be even more sold, find a cat to adopt beforehand at this link:  and make it even harder for them to say no!