The Best French Fries In Town

French Fries

French Fries

Aiden Ogleby, Contributor

What do french fries do when they meet after a long time? They ketchup! That is one joke and to get another you must read through this article and the joke is at the end. Plus you will know which french fries to get. I got fries from McDonalds, Sonic, Hardee’s, Braums, and I got the Nacho Fries from Taco Bell.


So now it is time to test these fries. First I want to talk about the Braums fries, they were not very salty but if you want more salt I’m sure you can put more salt on it at home, they were also not very firm and not very dry either. The Nacho fries from Taco Bell were my least favorite because I didn’t eat them with the sauce because none of the other fries had sauce. They were also very seasoned and were kinda mushy and not firm at all. The Sonic fries were pretty good because they had a bunch of salt on them and were firm enough that they didn’t fall over when you held them straight up. The Hardee’s fries are up next and these were kind of dry but they were also firm and not too salty but I liked them. Now for the McDonalds fries. They have a really good amount of salt and are firm fries. I like these the most because they just taste the best in my opinion.


All of the fries I ordered were small fries and these are the prices. The Braums Fries were $1.62 and are the second most expensive fries on the list. Next are the Taco Bell nacho fries and to my surprise these are the second cheapest on this list, they are $1.51. Now it is time for the Sonic fries, these fries are $1.59 and are right in the middle of the spectrum of prices. Hardee’s fries are $2.38 and are the most expensive fries on the list, but don’t disappoint,  unless you hate fries. Now for the cheapest fries, the ones from McDonalds. These are $1.39 and the large fries at McDonalds are cheaper than the small fries at Hardee’s, by almost 40 cents.


Now, we are comparing how they look. The fries at Braums look the coolest because they are crinkle cut which means they are wavy but most of them are kind of short fries though. Next, are the Taco Bell Nacho Fries and these are orange and really long, you could also see the seasoning on it. The Sonic fries are normal looking and weren’t too long or short. Hardee’s fries are just like Sonic’s fries and are also good sized and not too long. McDonalds fries are a little bit thicker than Sonic’s and Hardee’s fries and they are also a bit longer too.


Did you know that the first French fry wasn’t fried in France? It was fried in grease. There is your joke and thank you for reading, now you know which fries to get, I hope I helped you decide. Bye!