Amoung us


Try it your self.

Ava Tyson, Contributor

Do you know the game Among us? If not I am going to tell you four things about the game. I hope by the end of this you will understand more about Among us.

The first thing we are going to talk about is the color and customizing of your character. When you get into a game you might want to change your color and you can add a little character on your head or by your side to follow you. You can also add little hats. I like to change my color to cyan, which is like an aqua color. I like to add a little flower on my head.

The next thing is the tasks. There are alot of tasks throughout the spaceship that you are in. My favorite task is the wire tasks they are all over the spaceship. The one that I get killed on the most is the downloading task. The tasks are spread out in every room. All of them are fun.

The third thing is crewmate vs imposter. The crewmate is where you go around and do tasks and fix sabotages from the impostor. The goal is to get your list of tasks in the right hand corner to finish all of the tasks and try to vote the impostor out. The impostor’s job is to kill all of the crewmates and to sabotage tasks so they can’t get their tasks done; remember to NOT BE SUS.

The last thing is voting. The voting part is really easy. You just talk in the chat and you decide who the impostor is. However, if you are 18yrs or younger you can’t type in the chat but you can see what other people are saying then you can vote. Let’s say that you are a crewmate and you get voted out then you turn into a ghost and you just do a task but you can’t vote. Now let’s say you were the impostor and you get voted out then the game is just over the crewmates win.

I play among us with my cousin all the time. I also play it on roblox all the time. So you can go get the app on anything really and you can get roblox and play it on roblox it is just about the same. Here is a video link for more info. Have fun playing.