Paige’s Pets: What Is the Best Cat Food?


What cat food does your cat need?

Paige Newland , Editor

Do you have any new pets? Possibly a cat? Well, if you do you might want to know what they need to eat. I can help with that because I have 8 cats! So, if you want to know the best cat food for your new cat keep reading!

The first cat food that your cat might like is Tender Centers. Tender centers are made by the brand meow mix. They come in many different flavors. Tender centers are perfect for kittens that are learning to eat hard food, because they are soft in the center, and they are perfect for picky cats that only like certain foods. In Emporia, you can find them at Walmart, Petsense, Tractor Supply Co. and Dollar General. You can also find them online at this Website!

The second cat food that your cat might like is Kit and Kaboodle. It is made by the brand Purina Kit and Kaboodle is a great option for someone who has multiple cats, because it comes in huge bags. There are bags of original, indoor and outdoor mixes. In those bags are different flavors like fish, turkey and chicken. In Emporia, you can find Kit And Kaboodle at Tractor Supply Co., Walmart, and Dollar General. Or you can find Kit and Kaboodle online at this website!

The third cat food that your cat might like is 9 Lives Daily Essentials. 9 Lives is a great brand that has been around since 1959. If you are looking for a good healthy alternative for your cats to eat, this is the brand for you. It has nutrition to help the cats with their skin and coat, muscle growth and helps their hearts and vision. In Emporia, you can find the 9 Lives Daily Essentials at Walmart, Tractor Supply Co., Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Petsense. You can also find it online at this website!

Now that you know what to feed your cats, head to the store or order their food online. They are probably super hungry and they will be super happy once they get fed. Also, I am sure that if you do feed them, they will thank you by curling up next to you!