The Process of an Asteroid Hitting the Earth



Gavin Barrett, Contributer

What if an asteroid hit the Earth? Would we all die, or can we survive the impact? These are the questions that we need to answer. Today I am going to discuss the process of an asteroid hitting the Earth.
When an asteroid hits the Earth it either disintegrates or goes BOOM. The impact (depending on the asteroid’s size) goes from a whole neighborhood to destroying all life on Earth. The asteroid impact could create an earthquake that could create a tsunami that could destroy even more cities and towns. This is what will happen in the initial impact of the asteroid hitting the Earth.
After the Earthquake and the Tsunami, some long-term effects would be smoke and ashes polluting the air and water. As a result of smoke and ash polluting the air and the water, plants would die which would kill the herbivores. The smoke and the ash will also cover up the sun so we would be living in darkness for a long time.
There are a couple of ways we can recover from this. We can go underground and make farms to survive the smoke. We could use the wind to blow the smoke and the ash away to bring out the sun to help our crops. Finally, we could trap the ash and smoke in a huge case to stop it from spreading.
This is the process of when an asteroid hits the Earth. First, there is an explosion, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis. Then there is a cloud of smoke and ash that covers the Earth. Finally, we have to recover from the explosion, smoke, and ash. Humanities’ chances to survive are close to zero because of what the smoke will do to the Earth.