Will My Dog Eat Broccoli



Aiden Ogleby, Contributor

What do you get when you mix a broccoli and a melon? The saddest vegetable ever, a melonccoli. This story is not sad except that my dog wont eat a certain type of broccoli. Take a guess at which broccoli you think my dog wont eat: boiled, grilled or raw broccoli. Now read the story to find out if you were right, don’t change your answer.

Now before we get into the story, I want to tell you about my dog. He is kinda orange and is super high energy. He loves sitting next to you while you eat and wait for you to give him food. He loves going on walks and swimming. Now into the story.

This is the boiled broccoli, and if you guessed this one you’re wrong. My dog ate it right up and loved it, mostly because we put some cheese on it so he would eat it. This was probably his favorite broccoli, because it had cheese on it.

This one is grilled broccoli and it had salt and pepper on it so my dog ate it and liked it. So if you guessed my dog didn’t eat this broccoli then you’re wrong. So, that leaves one type of broccoli left…

The raw broccoli, my dog did not like this at all. This is definitely his least favorite broccoli. At first he grabbed it but then just dropped it and tried to eat the other broccoli. He would only eat it when we put more cheese on it. If you guessed this one, then you win!

So in conclusion, my dog hates raw broccoli but if you put cheese on anything he will eat it. Here’s another joke for you because you listened to me talk about my dog eating broccoli for so long, this joke only applies from 2008-2016. What is the President’s favorite vegetable, Barack-oli.