Emporia reds


Go Reds!!

Hello! I am a student from Emporia middle school and I got the chance to interview Chase Harrington and Maddox Shivley about their baseball team, The Emporia reds. Chase and Maddox are both 13 years old and have been playing for 5+ years. Chase’s favorite thing about playing is getting food at Chick-fil-a after. Chase is a pitcher and plays in the outfield. His jersey number is #1 He likes playing in Topeka because of the ball fields and he just likes it more. Maddox’s favorite thing about playing is hanging out and playing with friends. Mainly Chase. Maddox plays shortstop and pitches. He loves playing in Kansas city because there is cool stores and when he’s playing he has a pretty view. They started practice in February so they have been practicing and playing for a while. If you want to play in a travel baseball team, I would highly recommend trying out for the Emporia reds.