Paige’s Pets: What Is The Best Pet For Beginners?


You can paint your rock to look like a plant!

Paige Newland, Editor

Have you ever wanted a pet? Have your parents ever told you that you cannot get one because they are too much work? Well, they can’t tell you that anymore because these are some very low maintenance animals that are super easy to take care of!


  1. A fish is super easy to take care of! Fish can live in a small bowl so that it is less to clean. To take care of a fish all you have to do is feed them a few pebbles of food each day. Then, about every week, you take the fish out and put it in some water and clean out it’s bowl. Then, you just put it back in and continue feeding it!


  1. Another easy animal to take care of is a cat! Cats are also very low maintenance. Cats just need to be fed and watered everyday. Then, every few days you have to clean out their litter box. Not only are cats easy to take care of, they have great personalities and some of them are super cuddly!


  1. One other living creature that is easy to take care of is a plants. Plants require very little attention. When feeding plants all you have to do is water them; you don’t even have to give them food after you put them in soil. Plants are great for beginners because they visibly grow. So, you can see if what you are doing is helping them and you can see their progress!


  1. The final easy thing to take care of is a pet rock! Pet rocks don’t require any attention. Pet rocks don’t even need to be fed…they can provide for themselves. Another thing that you can do with your pet rock is draw a face on it so you can dictate its personality. So, even though your pet rock won’t play with you, it can react to you playing!

So, If you want your parents to allow you to get a pet try to convince them to allow you to get one of these pets. They are all great starter pets. Maybe, if you keep these pets alive, you can get a bigger or more high maintenance pet. If you don’t think that these pets are what you want, you can go here for pets for beginners:  Pets For Kids: The Top 13 Low-Maintenance Animals.