EMS Tennis With Peyton Chanley


This is Peyton, an athlete on the EMS Tennis team.

Paige Newland, Editor

With the Tennis season currently happening, I wanted an inside scoop on the sport. So, I interviewed EMS tennis player Peyton Chanley to learn more about the season.


Q:When is your next tennis tournament and who is it against?

A: April 6,2021 at Washburn Rural in Topeka, Kansas against Washburn Rural.

Q:What is your favorite thing about tennis?

A: The thrill once you get on the court, and you are in the moment.


Q:How often do you guys practice tennis?

A: We practice everyday after school besides wednesday.


Q:What are some drills that you do that you enjoy?

A: I like to do a drill called mini tennis where you play tennis in a smaller area. 


Q:What made you want to play tennis?

A: I have grown up around it, I have done lessons since I was a little kid. My family also plays tennis!


Now that you know more about the tennis season, make sure you support the team by cheering them on!