Interveiw with Mason Williams


This is the one and only Mason WIlliams!

Kayden Barrett, Contributer

Hey y’all, today we are going to look into the life of Mason Williams! Some topics we will talk about are hobbies and food, and a few things Mason enjoys: bushcraft and cycling.


Q- Do you play sports? If so, what sports? 

A- I cycle and also do bush craft!

Q- Would you like to learn any new skills, do you know anyone who could teach you? 

A- My uncle, and there are a few people on youtube that can teach me bushcraft

Q- How many activities are you interested in? 

A- About 4 maybe 5

Q- Sometimes people collect cool things, do you collect anything? 

A- I collect geodes. I am working on finding amethyst, it’s very pretty with a purple color  

Q- How much free time do you usually have?  

A- I usually have about 4-5 hours after school, and on the weekends I’m outside on the lake with my family. 


Q- What is your favorite food and why? 

A- I love sushi because it has lots of great things like fish and seaweed! 

Q- D0 you like fast food? Why or why not? 

A-I would say yes, my favorite place to eat is J’s carryout because it’s a family owned business

Q-What snack would you get at the movies if you had unlimited choices?

A- Gardetto’s Italian cheese.

Q- What is the weirdest food you have tried? 

A- Probably bugs, chocolate covered cockroaches


Q- Who does technology benefit, and how?

A- Technology really affects our society, but we do have resources for looking at other things 

Q- DO you believe you could create a form of technology?

A- No, I don’t use technology a lot because I’m usually outside

Q- What is your favorite brand of technology, how many devices do you have from them?

A- Probably apple, because it’s popular and they have amazing technology, we have over 5 devices from them. 

Q-Do you have a favorite video game? If so, who do you play it with?

A- Yes, it’s called Forza Horizon 4, I don’t play with anyone

Q- What do you consider technology?

A- Anything that can be used as a resource


Now you know more about this EMS student and the activities he does and or wants to try. Maybe you could go out and try J’s Carryout and try to find some cool geodes. Thanks Mason for letting me take up your time!