The History Behind Volleyball

A volleyball on the court

A volleyball on the court

Kaylee DeWitt, Contributer

Have you ever been in a room with 50 people all looking at you and relying on you? It’s very nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. You are standing there getting ready to serve the ball over. Everyone is silent. If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m going to be teaching you guys a little more into what you do in volleyball and how it can affect you emotionally and physically.


There are 6 different positions on a court. Three front row and three back row. In the front row, there can be up to three hitters (people who spike the ball) but usually there are only two because you need a setter to set up your hitters. Every time you win the rally as the receiving team you rotate. If you make the serve over and they can’t return it back then you get a point and can keep serving.


Club volleyball and school volleyball are way different. All of the reffing is the same except that the players do the reffing in club ball. Whereas in school volleyball there are adult reffs and the kids are not allowed to. Also in club ball, you only have to play on weekends. Usually, you only play during the week for school ball unless there is a big tournament. Overall, I love club ball way more than school ball. The reason I love it way more is because I build better bounds with my teammates and coaches.


The scoring in volleyball is really confusing if you have never refereed, played, or know about volleyball. You only get 18 subs per set. Once you go in one time for one person you can only go back in for them. The first two sets go to 25 and if both of the teams win one then you go to a third set that is only played to 15. 


Volleyball is a very amazing sport, I have had some very exciting and scary moments. When my club volleyball team won our first tournament it was just straight excitement and so much joy. It was a feeling that I would never wanna change. Here are some websites and resources that you can go check out to how excited people actually get!


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