Interveiw with Haydyn!


7th grader in 2021 Haydyn Barret

Kelsey Shull, Contributor

 Hey everyone! I got the chance to interview the awesome, football player Haydyn Barrett.  He was very fun and interesting to interview.  To find out about his pets,  favorite foods,  and hobbies,  keep reading!


Q: So, I know you have two dogs. Are they indoor or outdoor pets?

A:”They’re both”

Q:Can your dogs do any tricks?

A:”My three month old can shake and sit,and sometimes lay down”

Q:Is bear(his puppy) going to have puppies?

A:”Were thinking about it,but maybe not”

Q:Do you want more pets?

A: “Yes,but I don’t know I handle taking care of them”

Q:Do you think everybody should have a dog?

A:” It’s up to them because of allergies”

Q:But if nobody was allergic to them,would you say everybody should have a dog?

A:”For moral support,yes”

Q:What is your favorite restaurant? why?

A:”Probably pizza ranch”

Q:Which one is the best breakfast, lunch, or dinner and why?

A:”I’d probably say lunch”


A:”I just feel like I’m less hungry during lunch then dinner and breakfast”

Q:What’s your favorite dessert

A:”Probably ice cream”


A: “I guess because I like the coldness of  it”

Q:How often do you eat it

A:”Not often”

Q:Should everyone try ice cream

A:”No because some people don’t like the cold”

Q:What are your hobbies if you have any?

A:”I play soccer and football”

Q:Are you doing any clubs or sports this year?

A:”I’m playing football”

Q:Is there anything new you want to try?

A:”Cross country”

Q:Do you like to read?


Q:What’s your favorite book?

A:”A long time ago I used to read and probably my Favorite was I Survived”


Did you know that Haydyn likes to read, play soccer and eat ice cream? I highly recommend interviewing one of your peers,it’s fun,interesting and you learn a lot about them. Thank you Haydyn for the opportunity to interview you!