Interview of Mariah Vega


Mariah Vega

This is a picture of Mariah Vega, she is currently holding a thumbs up.

Summer Bazan

Today I am interviewing Mariah Vega. I have asked her to be interviewed, and she said yes happily! I have put together all of the questions and answers for you to read today. I hope you enjoy her interview!:)


Topic 1 Hobbies: 

Q: What is your favorite hobby?

A: I like painting as a hobby, I like painting because it is a way to express myself.

Q: How long do you usually do that hobby?

A: I will usually paint for about 1 hour usually, because it keeps me busy.

Q:  What is your least favorite hobby?

A:  Running is my least favorite because I am not very active most of the time.

Q: What hobby do you do outside?

A:  I really like riding bikes during my free time when I am not painting.

Q: Do you like cooking as a hobby?

A: I do like cooking but do not really consider it a hobby.


Topic 2 Pets: 

Q: How many pets do you have?

A:  I have 2 dogs and 1 cat for the family, and I love them all.

Q: What are the pets’ names?

A: Their names are Zeus, Charlie, Sheldon. 

Q: Do you like playing with your pets?

A: I like playing with the dogs outside, and the cat likes to sleep with me. 

Q: What is the best thing about having a pet?

A: The best thing about having a pet is the cat is very comforting to me, the dogs are very affectionate. 


Topic 3 School: 

Q: Why is school so important to you?

A: School is important to me because of grades, for me because if I get bad grades I will get in trouble.

Q: What is one way this year could get better for you?

A: I would like to have free seating at lunch and a longer time to make it to the bus.

Q: Do you plan on going to college when you are older?

A: If I had a plan for my life then I probably wouldn’t go to college.

Q: What are some pretty important goals for you this year?

A: I am hoping to get good grades, and good GPA’s.

Q: Do you plan on working at a school someday?

A: I do not plan on working at a school someday, because I do not like working with kids.


When I was asking her those questions she thought hard about them, she wanted to make sure she answered them correctly. It’s really cool that she likes painting. A big thanks to Mariah for letting me take up your time!