My Interview With Briar Hopkins


Briar Standing.

Cordelia Byington, contributor

Have you ever wanted to know someone so bad but you didn’t wanna say anything? Or have you ever wondered how they got to this point in their life? I wondered about all of that. So I asked my friend Briar all of those questions and more.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish this year?                                                                                                                                      A: I want to accomplish, this may sound ridiculous, but usually I like to accomplish getting straight A’s, And usually getting a 4.0 in my classes. But I also really want to accomplish things like to get more friends this year, and get involved in some groups.                                                                                                                                                                         Q: what do you do when you are struggling with a subject
A : I usually try my best to not worry about it, but every one and a while I get so worked up but every once and awhile I get so messed up. And then I go home and I think about all the things that could go wrong. I usually have to have my mother assist me in calming down and helping me with assignments and stuff like that.
Q: Have you had many setbacks in your school career?
A: About kindergarten or first grade. I had taken my state assessments and they weren’t very good, then I figured out that I actually had really bad sight. So my mother had to take me to the eye doctor and get me a set of glasses that made it easier to see things. That made a small setback in my grades.
Q: Was it traumatizing to have to go through the process of getting your glasses?
A: yeah i was worried about why I failed a test but I was mostly worried about why I had to go to the eye doctor. It wasn’t that scary when I got the glasses but it did hurt to get my eyes checked
Q: How many years have you had your glasses?
A: I have had maybe 2-3 glasses in all the years but I have had my glasses for 8-9 years.
Q: Have you ever had a person that had a large impact in your life, if so who and how?
A:There was one person that made me feel like, just feel good about myself. That was Mr. Rathbone during 6th grade, he was a great teacher. He was always not pressing me to be hard on myself during assignments or working out. He was a great teacher
Q: What was your favorite thing about Mr. Rathbone?
A: He talked a lot, we got to talk about stuff, he has a lot of stories to share. He just liked to talk to us.
Q: What was one of the most important thing that he talked about that you remember?
A: It’s been about a year so it’s kinda hard to remember, I just know that he was a good teacher though.
Q: Who is your favorite relative and why?
A: my favorite is my cousin Calvin, he’s in high school , I believe. I just liked being with him
Q: What was your favorite thing to do with him?
A: roaming in my grandparents’ woods. They have a lot of land, lots of paths to explore. Before that my grandpa had bought more land.
Q: What was your favorite thing to do when you would explore?
A: I liked to get into spots where people usually couldn’t get into. Like trees or piles of trees where there were little spots where I would fit. Me and my cousin Calvin would make little spots on the inside. One time he even managed to get some metal wall like some sheet metal and he managed to make a wall on the trees.
Q: Have you ever had many deep problems with your family?
A: We usually only have small problems like me and my parents maybe once a day but it’s usually over by the end of the day. I can’t think of any times where there were many big troubles in my family.
Q: Do you and your family ever have bonding / family nights?
A: Yeah, we get together every Sunday or Monday. We usually go to my grandparents but every other week sometimes we go to articles. It’s usually my parents, grandparents and my aunts and uncles. Every once in a while is usually a holiday. We play a Tripoli game, it’s probably my favorite game.

Q: do your parents ever tell you stories from when they were young if so who?

A: My mom did tell me about my uncle. My mom had a brother that had cancer, he was very young, maybe 3 months old. He died and my mother’s father was heartbroken. He lost his own son, my middle name comes from him.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your pet?

A: It’s kind of funny, actually I like to wrestle with him. I also like to wrestle with my brother actually, but with the dog I’m much gentler. I like to pick him up randomly and hold him in my arms and love on him and scratch him. I also sit down with him and I don’t let him go. I like to do that because it just gives him endless love.

Q: What is one of the most challenging things that come with a pet?

A: Taking him to the bathroom I don’t have to pick him up but it’s just really annoying that sometimes I’m reading and my parents ask me to take him out.

Q: What is your favorite trait about your pet?

A: He’s a real brat. He’ll pick up clothes and run off with it. He knows he’s not supposed to so me and my family have to chase him around

I enjoyed talking to Briar. He is funny and very interesting. Next time you sit there and wonder how they got to this point in their life ASK THEM! Maybe you’ll learn something new and interesting. Or maybe you will make a friend.