Interview With Summer Bazan


Summer Bazan far right with her friends.

Mariah Vega , Contributor

Have you ever seen someone who seemed cool and just wanted to know more about them? I have, and I got the chance to interview her! I know she likes Volleyball and Animals but let’s dig deeper!


I am going to start off the interview with asking questions about the sports you do. 


Q:  Is this the first year you’ve played volleyball?


A: Yes, For real I’ve done a lot of camps throughout the years but this is the first year I’ve actually been on a volleyball team.  


Q; Ok, Did you always plan on trying out for the volleyball team when you got to 7th grade?


A: Yes I love volleyball and I’ve always wanted to play it but never could because I couldn’t play in 6th grade. 


Q: Is volleyball the only time you’re active or do you like to go on walks and stuff.  


A: Yes I like to go on runs sometimes but pretty much volleyball is the only really the extremely active thing I do. 


Now I’m going to ask you a couple questions about your future, And the first one is…


Q: What do you hope to accomplish before you get to high school?


A:I hope to accomplish pretty good grades and to make pretty good friends.


Q:OK, Would you want to be involved with children like being a teacher or a principal like your father?


A:No, I don’t think I ever want to work at a school, but I do want to have children someday. 


Q: What Is your dream job?  


A:I want to be a vet but I also want to be a realtor. 


Q: Ok , What’s a realtor?


A:It’s where you show people houses so they can buy them. 


Q:Yea, Do you know if you have to go to college for it? 


A: I think you do but it will be like 4 years of college and being a vet would be like 15 more years. 


Q:What made you decide to want to be a realtor or a vet?


A:I like to look inside people’s houses and I like to help people choose what’s best for them. 


Now I’m just going to be asking you some questions about your pets and animals. 


Q;If you could have any exotic animal as a pet what would it be?


A:A tiger because I like tigers’ stripes. 


Q:What is your favorite animal?


A: A horse because I like them and I think they are cool to ride 


Q:Do you have any animals yourself?


A: Yes 3 cats 


Q:What are their names?


A: Their names are Misha, Teddy, and Branson. 


Q:How long have you had them?


A: I’ve had Misha for about 3 years, Branson for 1 year, and Teddy for only like 9 months . 


I am so glad I got the chance to interview Summer! If you ever want to make a new friend and want to know more about them, ask a couple questions! Even if you still know a little bit about someone you never know what you can find out!