Inside the Mind of Kalvin

Kalvin Crowell what an amazing guy!!

Kalvin Crowell what an amazing guy!!

Kaylee DeWitt, Contributer

Kalvin and I decided to interview each other and put it on the EMS Sound. And look and see how it turns out! He is a very kind hearted boy and will definitely go somewhere in life. Kalvin has an amazing life or does he? Know one does! All people are unique in all different ways. Read this article to figure out who Kalvin really is.

Q: How is playing a middle school sport different from rec league?
A: For the most part there wasn’t a difference. I guess the only difference was that you went out of town to play games and stuff.
Q: Ok yea I get that, Do you like that you’re going to be able to travel to different cities and stuff like that.
A: Yes I do, it gives me a look at what the different cities look like that I have never been to.
Q: Yes I totally agree!
Q: How is it going with your football coaches? Are they hard on you?? Or push you to do better.
A: Not unless I give him a reason which I haven’t given them a reason so far.
Q: Have you ever been mad at them or did something they didn’t like?
A: No, I normally follow directions and pay attention pretty well. It’s usually the other people who make us run and get in trouble.
Q:  Ok cool, I know you love pets so I wanna hear some more into that. So out of all you dogs which one is your favorite.
A: Well they were all named the same so I don’t really know but they have all been really crazy besides one loves to jump the fence and one climbs it but can’t make it over.
Q: Ok yea I see how that could be hard to choose one.
Q: If you could have any pet in the world what would you want?
A: Probably a ferret because my sister has had one and it was really cool to watch her feed it and I just really like them in general.
Q: Now how is it going with school??
A: It’s actually going really well. There’s no classes so far that I’m struggling with or having a hard time with.
Q: That’s really good!
Q: Do you have good grades right now?
A: Yes for the most part I do.
Q: What’s your highest grade as of right now?
A: My highest grade is an A.

As you can tell Kalvin loves football and is a good team player! Everyone will always like you just the way you are Kalvin. He also always has a smile on his face! Kalvin is an amazing boy in EMS!