Interview with Harrison Trelc


This is a picture of Harry.

Madeleine Fay, Contributor

Hello! Today we will be interviewing Harry Trelc, a 7th student here at EMS. We will be talking about some things that are important to Harry as well as questions so you can get to know him a little better. In this interview you will hear about his passion for sports, what he likes about school, and what he has planned for the future.


My first topic is sports, so let’s get started.

Q:  What is your favorite sport?

A: “Baseball because of the game and it’s history is very interesting. It’s also fun to pitch and hit.”

Q:  How long have you been playing sports?

A: “ A long time since I was in third grade. So around 4 years.”

Q:  Do you like to play individual or team sports more?

A: “Team sports because I’ve never played an individual sport.”

Q: Do you play on any sports teams?

A: “Yes, the Emporia Spartans (basketball), Emporia Spartans (football), and the Emporia Reds (baseball).”

Q:  What is your favorite sport or team to watch?

A: “Football and I like to watch the Chiefs.”

Now that we have heard a little bit about Harry’s experience with sports, we are going to talk a little bit about school.

Q:  What is your favorite school subject?

A: “Science, and that has always been my favorite subject.”

Q: What has been your favorite grade so far?

A: “7th because I like my teachers.”

Q: Do you usually eat lunch from home or from school?

A: “Both, but usually school because it’s free.”

Q: Do you like in person or online school more?

A: “In person because I get to see people.”

Q: What was your favorite part about school last year?
A: “Going to school in person when I had the chance to.”

My last topic for this interview is going to be Harry’s future lifestyle. 

Q: What job do you want to have or what is your dream job?

A: “A professional athlete or a doctor. If I happen to be a professional athlete, I’m more likely to play basketball but I would want to play baseball.”

Q: Where do you want to live when you get older?

A: “Somewhere on the West Coast.”

Q: What college or university do you want to go to?

A: “KU so I can become a doctor.”


Thank you again Harry for letting me interview you. Harry is nice to all of his classmates and is a funny guy. You might see Harry here around EMS, playing sports, or maybe even watching sports! If you see him around, then say hi and try to get to know him.