Interview with Kayden Barrett


This is Kayden Barrett

Mason Williams, Contributor

Today, I got to interview Kayden Barrett, and I got to ask her about friends, food, and school. Sometimes, socializing is good. You get to know people, and make new friends, and I would recommend reading this interview to truly understand how great life can be, talking to somebody you don’t really know much about!

Topic one: Friends

Me: What qualities do you think of about having friends?

Kayden: I want my friends to be nice, and respectful, and like, not talk about other people behind their back.

Me: What do you do with your friends?

Kayden: Well, I do a lot of sports with my friends, and I like to hang out.

Me: Why do you like to do that?

Kayden: Because it’s fun to hang out with my friends, and you can always catch a break from school.

Me: That sounds fun!  What are your favorite things to do with your friends?

Kayden: Maddy is super chill, and very loyal, and well, Summer, she is super crazy and funny.

Me: Awesome! What makes you think that?

Kayden: I dunno. I think I’m crazy too, and really I relate to Summer.

Topic two: Food

Me: What’s your favorite food, and why?

Kayden: Soft pretzels, because they are just really good!

Me: Yum! What time of the day do you enjoy eating?

Kayden: Probably dinner time, because I don’t really like breakfast at all.

Me: Why don’t you like breakfast?

Kayden: Well, I really enjoy sitting down with my family, and it is usually the time I get to talk about my day.

Me: Cool, what is your favorite dessert?

Kayden: Definitely Cheesecake, or Brownies.

Me: What is your favorite Cheesecake?

Kayden: For Brownies, they are really fudgy, and good, and for Cheesecake, it’s really sweet, and good, and then there’s the crust.

Me: Yummy!

Topic three: School.

Me: What classes do you have?

Kayden: Well, besides course classes, I have Animal Science, and I have personal Finance, and I can’t remember all of them, but I have Health, and a couple others.

Me: What is your favorite class, and why?

Kayden: I haven’t done Animal Science and Personal Finance, so probably Health.

Me: Nice! Who is your favorite teacher, and why?

Kayden: Ms. Saulisberry, because she is super nice, and understands kids, and she acts super cool around us, and is just a really cool teacher.

Me: Why is she your favorite teacher?

Kayden: She is just a very, very cool teacher.

So now, I got to know a bit more about Kayden. I learned about her friends, her favorite food, and her favorite things about school. I really hope you enjoyed this interview as much I did, making the interview! I recommend talking to somebody you don’t really know much about!