Interview With Janet


Janet Madrigal Garcilazo

Marley Goss, Contributer

Janet Madrigal Garcilazo, Is an awesome young lady! She is very confident and passionate. Today we are going to learn about her family, sports, and her pets. Let’s Begin!

Topic 1: Family
Do you have any siblings, How many? “Yes, two sisters and one brother.”

Do you like your siblings, are they mean, nice, or in between, (Do you get along with them well?) “Yes, It’s like a love-hate relationship between us.”

Do you guys go on very many family vacations, where have you been?
“Not much anymore since we’re all kind of older, We have been to Mexico, and Nebraska.”

Where are your parents from? Have you been there before?
“Both of my parents are from Mexico, Yes.”

What did you do there?
“We usually go and visit family and go cruising.”

Topic 2: Sports
What sport/sports do you do?
“I do Soccer and I’m actually on the Emporia Middle school soccer team.”

How long have you been doing it?
“I have been doing it since I was 4 and stopped in 3rd grade, and started again this year.”

Are you good at it?
“I would say I probably need a little more practice, but I’m getting the hang of it.”

Have you ever won a game before, what was your best score?
“Yes, we actually just won a game this Tuesday, It was 7-2.”

Do you get along with your team members well?
“Yes, but sometimes we get into some arguments,but you basically have to get along well in order to make a good team.”

Topic 3: Pets
How many pets do you have? Is it difficult having multiple what’s good about it and what’s difficult about it?
“I have two birds and one dog. The cons about having birds is that they lose a lot of feathers so it’s a mess, And then a con about having a puppy is that they nibble and they jump on you, and they make messes. The pros about having birds is that they are really pretty. The pros about having a puppy is that they are really cute and they’re very playful.”

How long have you had them, are they old or young?
“I have had my birds since March, and they aren’t very old. And I have had my puppy since the beginning of August.”

Are they Males or Females or do you have some males and some females?
“The Puppy is a female, and then one of my birds is a female and my other bird is a Male.”

What are their names?
“My Puppy’s name is Packita, and my birds names are “Flash, and Sky”

Now you know about one of Janet’s favorite hobbies, soccer! Thanks, Janet for taking the time to interview with me. My favorite part about the interview was getting to know Janet better. Next time you see Janet in the hallway make sure to say hi!