Interview with Marley Goss

Marley (left) and her cousin.

Marley (left) and her cousin.

Janet Madrigal Garcilazo , Contributor

Me and Marley got parterend up to interview each other and put it on the EMS Sound website. If you want to find out how the interview went, I would suggest keep reading. Some of the big topics that we went over that were important to Marley were pets, family and hobbies.


 Q. Could you tell me a story about how you met or got both or one of your dogs?                                                                                       A. I am going to talk about my German shepherd mix. We got her when she was like 3 weeks old. The person we got her from is actually from my family their dog is the same bread as my dog just that she is black and are dog that we got (her puppie) is brown and I remember when we first brought her home she was very playful and she was and is never shy so by the next day she was super playful and always wanted to play and she was upset when we had to leave our house.

Q. What are some of the pro’s of having a husky and German shepherd mix as a pet?
A. I would say the best thing about my husky is that she is very sweet and she can be very shy. When she is shy she barks and goes to the corner or back in the hallway.It is really nice to have a husky because almost everyone likes huskies. They also give the best cuddles. Some things that I love about my german shepherd is that she is a mix of a german shepherd, chow, and lab and that makes her personality very playful and she is never shy.

Q. What would you say are downs about having a husky and German shepherd mix?
A. One of the cons of the husky is that she loses a lot of hair so we have to vacum almost every saturday. Since we are moving to a new house that has a wood floor in the front room and this other room for a christmas tree so you would be able to see are huskies white hair everywhere so we would have to vacuum every Saturday. The bad thing of having a German shepherds is when they get in a fight she likes to continue it. She would act all weird and continued the fight. Since they both have different personalities it is sometimes hard for them to get along. Sometimes we have to separate them when people come over to eat because they would fight over the food.

Q. Would you get another pet if it was up to you ?
A. If it was up to me I would get another one but since it is not up to me. if we ever get another one it would have to be when we don’t have two current dogs anymore. it would probably be a male since we don’t have any and it would either be a full German shepherd or full lab.


Q.If you could go anywhere with your family on vacation where would you go?
A. We have already been to Colorado. If we had to go somewhere without mountains I would say maybe Florida or the Carribean like a beachy place or tropical place.

Q. What would you say is the most challenging thing about having a 5 year old brother?
A. It is very hard because we are 6 years apart and we almost never get along. I would say that the only time we get along is if we are in public or something. It is pretty hard for us to get along.

Q. What would you say is your favorite family memories ?
A. I would say when we went to Branson when my little brother was 1. It wasn’t just my family of four, everyone from my dad’s side went so there were a lot of people and I just liked being there.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do with your family (in and out of town) ?
A. In town I would probably go to the bowling alley. We like to compete against each other and have teams. Out of town I would say going to my grandpa’s farm because in the fall time it is very nice to wall through the wood and stuff.

Q. Where are your parents from ?
A. My dad is from Gardner and my mom is from Eureka.


Q.what would you say are your top three hobbies ?
A. My first one would be basketball. Second one would be art like drawing or painting. My third one would be throwing a football but not a football game just playing catch.

Q. Have you or are you on a basketball team ?
A. No, I have not. (If you could pick a team to play one, what team would you play on?) I am not very sure but I would probably play for the middle school, but I don’t think that would happen.

Q.What/who got you into basketball
A. It was when we first moved in with our grandma and grandpa. They have a basketball hoop and I played once with my dad and I really liked it and it was fun.

Q. what is your favorite type of art
A. I really like to mix watercolors together and make something out of it. Also i like to do pencil drawings and not color it and then shade it.

Hopefully after that interview you learned some cool stuff about Marley’s pets, family, and hobbies. Next time you see someone that you wonder about or have a chance to do an interview with someone you should take that opportunity. Maybe you could learn something new about someone.