These are some of the different breeds of dogs.

These are some of the different breeds of dogs.

Marley Goss, Contributor

Do you have a best friend? Imagine you wake up one morning to your best friend licking your face. “WOOF” he/she needs to be let out. Dogs make amazing pets even though they can make messes sometimes. That means you are going to have to train them a few things like the word “NO” as they grow up they will start to learn what that means. Even myself, I have two dogs and they know what the word “NO” means but they are also adults.

There are many different breeds of dogs. They are all different sizes and shapes, and even colors. Some dogs have long shaggy hair like an English sheepdog, some have fluffy hair like a Siberian Husky, and some have short hair like a Lab. Lots of dogs shed. Usually, the short-haired ones aren’t as bad as long-haired and fluffy dogs. Different breeds can affect a dog’s behavior. Australian Shepards are known to be very hyper. But they are beautiful dogs. German Shepards are known to be very good search and rescue dogs, and guard dogs. Huskies are known to be very sweet and gentle pets. All dogs have different personalities, so these behaviors may not always be true. Due to studies and searchers, This is mostly the case with these dogs.

There are also working dogs. Examples for working dogs would be, Sled dogs, detection dogs, Guard dogs, Military working dogs, sheepdogs, etc. There are many different kinds of working dogs, and they can be very helpful. Sled dogs can help pull heavy things on a sled including a person and maybe even medicine. Detection dogs can help detect things like maybe help police solve a murder mystery. Guard dogs can help protect/guard the family, and they can even be on a farm to protect the farm animals from coyotes or other dangerous animals. Military Working dogs can be used to track explosives, search and rescue, and even attack. Sheepdogs are trained to herd the sheep in a certain direction like into another pen or maybe even in the barn. All these dogs are examples of working dogs, They have to be well trained. It might even take years to train them depending on the kind of job they have to learn.

And probably one of the most important ones, are Service dogs. Service dogs are really important dogs because they can detect when their owner or child is going to have a seizure, they can also help with diabetic people, and they can help with blind people and people with other disabilities. If anyone in your family has seizures or is diabetic, and if you have anyone in your family with other disabilities, then I recommend getting a service dog or any trained dog that can detect when something is going to happen.

Dogs are very helpful pets. There are so many different breeds of dogs. You can go to the pet store or the animal shelter, which I recommend best because those dogs were either found as strays or people didn’t want them anymore and they need a home. Make sure that if you get a dog, to walk them, play with them, feed them, and just give them some love.


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