Did you know that soccer started in England?

Did you know that soccer started in England?

Janet Madrigal Garcilazo, Contributor

Did you know that soccer started in England? Many people probably thought that it started in Mexico or El Salvador. You might be wondering why I chose this topic. Well, I chose this topic because I wanted to talk about something I do. Also, It might explain soccer to someone that never really understood soccer. You might even find some things you never knew.


Soccer started in England a long time ago. Although, according to the Football history website, “the first known examples of a team game involving a ball, which was made out of a rock, occurred in old Mesoamerican cultures over 3,000 years ago”. Places like England and other countries in Europe took the game all over the world. Now soccer is played all over the world.


Goalies have a pretty big responsibility because they have to keep the other team from scoring. They are the last person in defense. They are held responsible to keep the ball out of the goal. The Defense Job is pretty clear in the name. You are helping the goalies but you can’t use your hands. You take the ball from the other team to keep it out of the goalie’s area. The midfield play in the middle of the field helps the defense out a little bit and they also help the forwards score goals. Forwards go up the fields and attempt to score. They have to pass the other team’s defense and try to shoot and score. Most of the positions are self-explanatory in the name.

My experience with soccer 

I started to play soccer when I was 4 years old (2013). Both of my sisters were actually the person who pushed me and motivated me to play soccer.  I played in TRYSA for the years I played on a team, I have played for 4-5 years. This year I am playing for the middle school soccer team, I am playing for the varsity at the moment. I have usually played defense. Once in a while, I would play mid or forward but barely. My main position would be defense. 

I hope you leave this little story learning something you didn’t know. Next when you have something you are passionate about you could make a little story about it like I did. Also, if you would like to learn more about the thing I talked about here are some websites I used:.
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