Football Game Ends In Chipped Teeth?????


what the chips looked like

Kelsey Shull, Contributor

I was running and BAM it happened. I slipped and basically ate dirt, my friends started asking if I was okay over and over again. I was surprised because I wasn’t actually in pain. I felt fine, they seemed to be surprised when I said that. It was a pretty nasty fall, I guess I handle pain pretty well. Then it felt like there were very little rocks in my mouth, but turns out they weren’t rocks.


It started off as a normal day, I just had a sleepover with my friend Carson. It was originally just supposed to be a one-night sleepover but plans changed very very randomly and very fast. Somehow 2 minutes later, I was getting ready to go to a football game and to spend the night again. A few hours later when we were at the football game, we decided to mess around on a hill with a girl named Taylor. We rolled down it a few times and then Taylor decided to chase me so I was running down a wet grassy hill and I slipped, fell face-first onto concrete.

It was a pretty bad one to face-first on the concrete, I didn’t close my mouth either so as you can imagine my front two teeth hit the concrete pretty hard. I got up as nothing happened, but then it felt like there were a bunch of little tiny rocks in my mouth, so I tried spitting them out. It didn’t even really hurt that bad if I’m being honest. They asked at least 20 times if I was okay, and as I was running my tongue under my front two slightly bucked teeth, I noticed they felt a lot rougher than they did before. So I got out my phone and got on my camera to zoom in on my teeth.


Turns out my teeth were chipped, quite a bit too, a chunk of the corner on the right one, a slit on the left and right. Also, the right tooth was wiggly but it was also a permanent tooth too. So, I was just trying not to mess with it. I also couldn’t bite into anything, and after a while, it started hurting like crazy. Not to mention I didn’t tell my mom until the next day because I didn’t want to get in trouble. Then I figured out dentists aren’t open on the weekends, so I had to wait until Monday to get them fixed. Turns out those little rocks were the pieces of my tooth. Gross, right? I’m just glad I didn’t swallow them, that could’ve been bad.

The rest of the story’s pretty boring, I basically just got them fixed. So now you know the story of how I got 3 chips in my 2 front teeth at a football game. I know the introduction is kind of misleading and dramatic but that’s how I tricked you into reading this. I doubt you’ll want to, but if you want to learn more about how dentists fix chipped/broken teeth, check out this link .