Behind The Scenes Of Jackson Meinke’s Life


Jackson Meinke playing football

Jackson Meinke, Contributor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had to move to a new place right before a pandemic? Well, that happened to me a couple years ago.

The day was normal, per usual. We got home from church and my parents called me and my sister to the living room. My parents broke the news and said that my dad had gotten a new job in Emporia. I wasn’t sure how to feel when they said that, but they said that we had 3 more months until we moved so I didn’t have to worry about it that much. I felt sad that I had to move away from all of my friends. The worst part was that I had just started 5th grade and my school 5th grade was the best grade because you did a musical and got to do a lot of more fun stuff.

After 3 months passed, we started to pack things up. I finished my last day of school and said bye to my friends and went home. A week later the moving truck came and we loaded all of our stuff onto it. I smelled the gas from the moving truck. After we were all done packing the truck, we left for Emporia. All I could see was the road in front of me.When we got to Emporia we set up some air mattresses because the real beds wouldn’t be there until Tuesday.

A couple weeks later I had my first day of school. School was nice, but a couple months later covid shut school down and I was stuck at home with nothing to do besides online school. Luckily before covid hit I made some friends that I could keep in touch with over the pandemic.That summer I had the first season with my new baseball team. I did pretty good that season for not having a lot of practice.

Well, that is what it is like moving in the middle of a pandemic. If this ever happened to you it will be ok, your family will always be there for you. It was a hard time not knowing anyone but if you stay strong you will get through it.