EMS Girls Tournament


Kayden Barrett, Contributer

Earlier this December the EMS girls basketball team had a tournament at their home court. Our team played Eisenhower and Junction city. The first game that was played was against Junction, I interviewed Kaylee DeWitt and asked her how she thought this game went. “We beat them by a lot and ran plays well.” I also interviewed Aubree Hess over the Junction game, “Our defense was great and It was one of our best games we’ve played this season.” Both girls had great things to say about this game. As you can see the first game EMS dominated and was probably one of the biggest wins they’ve had. Now let’s talk about the second game of the tournament. In the second game, our girls played Eisenhower, well, let’s just say it was a pretty rough game, I asked one of our team’s best players, Savannah Mertens, what she had to say about the game, “It was a really intense game, and important to us. It was also super fun and we enjoyed it a lot because we wouldn’t play as a whole team like that again.” Even though they lost their last game they all had great things to say and definitely enjoyed the season. I definitely encourage you to ask one of these players about their season or their last game against Junction. The Junior Spartans are ready to play an even better season next year.