The Seven Falls


Seven Falls, Colorado Springs

Marley Goss, Contributer

I’m going to talk about my visit to the Seven Falls in Colorado. I am reviewing this topic because it was the best experience ever for me. You should read this story because Colorado is one of the most beautiful places on Earth in my opinion. I haven’t been to very many places yet, And the Seven Falls were just absolutely breathtaking.

Once we got to the seven falls and were hiking around a bit, we had to walk tons of stairs but it was absolutely worth it. The view was stunning. We were sitting on a rock close to the edge and all we could see was nature. There were no man-made things for miles. All we could see was the heavenly mountains and the beautiful pine and spruce trees, along with birds flying around everywhere in the sky which had no clouds. It was a sunny, warm, and clear day. I couldn’t think about the fact that we would have to leave eventually.

On our way back down from the very top, we heard something running in the trees and cracking some sticks. Then all of the sudden a guy walked past us and said that there was a deer down a few feet from the path that we were on. So as we were walking down the path, we finally saw the female deer. We stopped to take a picture of her then continued on our way. It was really fun and definitely the most nature without any man-made things I’ve ever seen, to be honest.

I think my most favorite part of being in Colorado was getting to climb through the mountains. When we first got to the Seven Falls I just remember my heart skipping a beat, And once we got off the bus we had to go give our tickets to the lady. And then we finally got to begin our journey. There were some dangerous paths that we had to go on, to get to the best part of the mountain but climbing through the mountains was definitely worth it because the mountains were so majestic and beautiful.

I would definitely consider going to the Seven Falls if your family ever decides to plan a trip to Colorado. Give them the idea, and beg them. Cause once they see it they will Thank you for the idea. Below, I will give you a link to some pictures of the Seven Falls, recently. I hope you’re able to go, you won’t regret it!


Link to pictures of the Seven Falls in Colorado: Hint, when you click on this little link thing, in the top right corner will say “slideshow” click that to get a bigger, better view of the slides… Pictures of Seven Falls
(The Seven Falls are in Colorado Springs).