The Dog That Changed My Life


This is an image of our dog, Percy, picture taken January 6, 2022.

Have you ever wanted something so badly, and then you finally got it? That was what it was like to finally get our dog, Percy. This is my story about getting a dog and the changes it caused and how it has affected my family. Just because you want something badly, doesn’t always mean you’re ready to handle the responsibility of it.

Getting a puppy was something I had been wanting to happen for a long time. And the day my parents announced that we were getting a puppy was surprising, but not shocking. My parents had been talking about getting a dog, but now it was decided. We would finally be getting a dog! My parents told us early because there were things we needed to do to get ready for his arrival. His food, toys, crate and everything else he needed was ready, we were just missing the dog. We had to wait about a week before we could get him. I couldn’t wait to meet him!

 The day had finally come! All day at school I was thinking about our new puppy, Percy, and how cute he would look when I got home and met him for the first time. When I finally got home from school and opened our front door I saw him lying on my dad’s lap on the couch. He was a tiny little guy, and he had really fluffy and soft fur like a little fur-ball. He was also incredibly cute and had that puppy smell. After I had finished putting away my school stuff, I got to play with and hold Percy. I wasn’t sure how to play with him since he was so small and I’d never played with a puppy before. It was a great evening filled with puppy cuddles and potty training.

I didn’t quite expect the responsibility that came with having Percy. For example, he needed to be taken outside every half hour to go to the bathroom. It also meant that now, we couldn’t do whatever we wanted to do and just simply put him in his crate for the whole day. If we wanted to go somewhere we either had to take him with us, put him to sleep in his crate, or ask somebody to take care of him. It really changed mine and my family’s lives. I feel like I got a baby brother instead of a puppy sometimes. I never really had to take care of anybody, but getting Percy changed that greatly. I love caring for him and I love him very much.

I can’t imagine life without Percy. He makes life fun, but he has also made me more responsible. Getting Percy was a true life-changing moment for me. And also, if anybody who’s reading this article is going through an experience similar to mine, I have some quick advice for you, be prepared for the responsibilities that come with getting a dog. Make sure you love your dog because he will love you more than anything.