A Very A-peeling Fruit!


a bunch of bananas

Cordelia Byington, Contributor

Have you ever been at the store and saw some weird yellow things that kind of look like a telephone? Well, that’s a banana!  There are many health benefits of bananas, organic or not. Today I am going to be reviewing bananas over cost, taste, and utilization.


How much do bananas cost? Well, it depends! Are you buying them in a bunch? Are you buying organic ones?  On average at our local Walmart regular bananas are 49 cents per pound. An organic banana is $.72 per pound. Now, you may be asking “ should I get regular bananas or organic?” Well, I have the answer for you! Healthwise organic bananas are better than regular bananas because of the lack of pesticides and chemicals. However, regular bananas win this round of price. 


If bananas are so awesome, what do they taste like?  It really matters if you have an under-ripe banana, a ripe banana, or a mushy banana. An under-ripe banana is more bitter and hard. A ripe banana is rich and has more of a sugary taste. An overripe banana is mushy and some people don’t like it when it starts to brown. But it is a very sugary and mushy food when overripe. 


What’s something I can make with bananas if they are so great? Well, I have the answer for you. If you leave the bananas out for a few extra days and they over-ripen, some of the things you can make are Banana-Oat Chocolate Chip Pancakes with only a few household ingredients. A different thing you can make is banana bread! Banana bread only uses a few ingredients such as ripe bananas, butter, sugar, egg, vanilla, baking soda, and flour.


In my opinion, bananas are important no matter where they come from or what the price is. Some great benefits of bananas are they help with cramps, they have a lot of potassium, and are high in vitamin C. Whether you get fancy bananas or not, go try a banana.