Whole Milk vs. 2% Milk



Kelsey Shull, Contributer

Have you ever wondered why the milk at school tasted different from the milk at home? That might be because school milk is 2% and the milk at home might be whole milk. Today we’re going to look at 3 differences between whole milk and 2%. The differences we will be looking at are price, taste, and healthiness. Get ready to find out if whole milk or 2% milk is better.



First, we are going to look at prices. At Walmart, one gallon of whole milk is $2.88 and one gallon of 2% milk is also $2.88. AT Whole Foods a gallon of whole milk is $7.29 and a gallon of 2% is Also $7.29. At Dillons, you can get a gallon of whole milk for 2.99 and a gallon of 2% milk for 2.99. So I guess the price doesn’t really matter because they always cost the same price.



Second, we are going to look at which one is healthier. According to this website, Kids who grow up drinking milk are less likely to be overweight. If it is an adult’s case, drinking whole milk offers clear nutritional advantages. It also helps you maintain your weight over time and lower your risk for metabolic syndrome. But 2% has less fat and can help you lose weight. In an elder’s case, it’s better to drink whole milk because it keeps your bones strong. So overall drinking whole milk at any age is better for you.



The third and last difference we are going to look at is taste. Also, probably the most important one in my opinion. Whole milk has more flavor and is thicker than 2% milk. People say that 2% milk tastes like watered-down milk. Since this is my story, and my opinion, I choose who wins. Personally, I think whole milk is better but that also might be because I’m growing up on it and I know my dad grew up drinking 2% milk. I’m gonna say for this round whole milk wins.


So, taking all three things taste, price, and healthiness into account. I believe whole milk is better than 2% because it has a better flavor and it’s better for you. Also, did you know that you can make 2% milk into whole milk? Here is the recipe link. Next time you go to the grocery store or wherever you go give whole milk a chance if you haven’t before.