Planting Impatiens


Now, these Impatiens look dead, but that is normal. They are just in shock, and that will last for a few weeks.

Mason Williams, Contributor

Planting is a very enjoyable thing. Spring is around the time you start to see some wildflowers, and other flowers put up buds. To plant Impatiens cuttings, stick them in water. They will continue to bloom, but don’t be alarmed when some leaves and buds fall.

The Impatiens will be in shock, but in around a month, it will have enough roots to plant. Sometimes, the Impatiens will look dead, but it’s just from shock. Now, to plant the Impatiens, get a pot around 6-8 inches wide, and 8 inches tall, then fill it with potting soil. It should be filled 7 inches with soil.

Finally, dig a small hole with your fist into the soil, put your Impatiens in, put the excess soil around the Impatiens, and give it a good watering. Water it every couple of days, and keep it outside, or in an east window.

I hope all of you gardeners read this. Don’t throw away your Impatiens if they break! Thank you for reading this, and have a great day!