Read These Book Series!


The first book in each series is shown in this image.

I am an extreme reader. I have read and reread many book series. This list is based on my five favorite books series for a tween. These five book series are just a few of the good series I’ve read, but I had to pick 5, and here they are. The series in this list are not listed in any particular order, they’re all pretty good in their own way.

The first series I have listed is technically two series, but both series have many of the same characters. The two series are, Percy Jackson & The Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. The main character is Percy Jackson and he is a demigod, son of Poseidon and a human woman. Both series are a great introduction to Greek and Roman mythology. In both series, we follow Percy Jackson and many other major and minor characters on adventures and campaigns to save the world. Rick Riordan did a wonderful job in interweaving Greek & Roman gods, mythical creatures, and mythology into both series to create an action-packed and mythological adventure that any tween or teen would love.

My next series is a series any dragon fan would love, Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland. The series so far has 14 numbered novels and 2 additional Legends novels. Sutherland teamed up with illustrator Mike Holmes to turn the first 5 novels into graphic novels, which are highly detailed and well done. The series revolves around 3 groups of 5 dragons with each group trying to fulfill an ancient prophecy to save the world. Sutherland did an excellent job at giving each dragon a personality and different characteristics. The world Sutherland created in this series is magical and extraordinary. The books are exciting and would make a reader want to root for the heroes to succeed in saving the world. 

Another series any fantasy fan would love is Fablehaven which is continued with the Dragonwatch series. The author, Brandon Mull, has created a world of mythical creatures, unimaginable evil, and two unexpected heroes. Our two main characters are siblings Kendra Sorenson and Seth Sorenson. While staying with their grandparents, the siblings discover that their grandparents are caretakers for a bunch of magical creatures. This discovery leads to a whole new world beyond belief, a world full of danger and wonder. This series keeps the reader on edge and constantly wondering what will happen next. The final battle of the Fablehaven series, the Battle of Zzyzx, is my favorite moment in the whole Fablehaven series. If the 5 books of the Fablehaven series aren’t enough for you, the story continues with another 5 books in the Dragonwatch series. You should definitely check this series out.

This next series recently got turned into a Netflix TV series, it’s The Last Kids on Earth by Max Braillier. This series is about a group of kids trying to survive an apocalypse filled with alien monsters and zombies. The main character is Jack, and he is joined by his friends, June, Quint, and Dirk. When they’re not hanging out in their tree-house home, they’re exploring the town for entertainment and supplies. After defeating the evil monsters that were in their town, Jack and his friends have been going on a road trip to the Statue of Liberty. Here they hope to find an ancient evil and defeat it, which will hopefully save the fate of humanity. These books are funny and while some moments are sad, they’re mostly just action-packed fun. Consider this series as a quick, easy read.

My final series is a bit different than those listed so far, it’s a nonfiction war history series called Guts and Glory. The author, Ben Thompson, tells history in a different way than most history books. This series includes 4 books, the Vikings, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and World War 2. For a military and war history buff like me, these books are immensely entertaining. Thompson shares not only about major battles or widely known people and facts but also lesser-known people and stories. My favorite book in the series is World War 2. I like the way he tells the stories of battles and people, sometimes in a humorous way, other times in an urgent way. If you’re looking for an entertaining history series to read, look no further.

I have shared my top 5 favorite book series. I hope I have given you some ideas of your next series to read. So, put your phone down and get your nose into a book, you might actually enjoy it! I have included a list of other series that are some favorites but didn’t make the top 5. Look for these series on Amazon, Scholastic, in most libraries, or wherever you get your books. 

Additional Series: 

The Kane Chronicles – Rick Riordan

Magnus Chase – Rick Riordan

The Trials of Apollo – Rick Riordan 

The Menagerie – Tui. T and Kari Sutherland

Beyonders – Brandon Mull 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Jeff Kinney