Braums vs Mcdonalds


Mc Donalds

Kristopher Magana, Contributor

Did you know the man who created Braum’s was born in Emporia Kansas? Also, a new McDonalds opens every 15 hours. Braums and McDonalds are very similar but which one is better?

[First Topic]



Mc Donald’s has a Crazy amount of food selections on their menu 145+ to be exact that is an insane amount of options. Also, Some of those options are milkshakes, burgers, But they only have vanilla ice cream. They also have fries, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, coffee, soda and breakfast food, mc muffins, sausage, pancakes, burritos. But they do have a happy meal which consists of burgers or chicken nuggets as the main food item. It also has fries, apple slices, soda, and a toy. On the other hand, Braum’s has fewer items you can get than McDonald’s.


 But Braums has arguably a better breakfast selection including omelets, bagels, burritos, biscuits and gravy, biscuits, yogurt, cinnamon rolls, and pancakes for breakfast options. Lunch wise they have burgers, chicken fingers, fries soda, salad. Overall, Braum’s has better breakfast selections and McDonald’s has better lunch choices. But Braums wins the menu rating because of the huge breakfast selection. The points are 5 stars for Braums and 4 stars for McDonald’s


[Second Topic]


The next topic is the pricing. Most of the pricing isn’t that expensive but some of the pricing for Braum’s is expensive. Almost all of the Burgers are 4 to 5 dollars, which is a little bit pricy. The Chicken Strips are 3 to 5 dollars. That is better depending on how many chicken strips you want, The Fries are fairly cheap at 1 to 2 dollars. So you won’t have to pay much for more Fries. The salads range from 4 to 5 dollars which is kinda expensive for a salad. It was 3 dollars for Biscuits and Gravy and 1.50 for Biscuits and Eggs. 


McDonald’s prices for a burger are 2 to 7 dollars which is a lot more expensive than Braum’s, their chicken nuggets range from 4 to 9 dollars which may seem bad but the 40 pieces are not double what the 20 piece cost. The fries are 1 to 2 dollars which is exactly the same as Braum’s. Their kid’s meal is 3 dollars. McDonald’s biscuits and gravy are 3 dollars which is double Braum’s price. The biscuits are 1 dollar which is really cheap. Overall Braum’s wins the price category getting them 4 stars and Mcdonald’s gets 3 stars


[Third Topic]


My third topic is taste. Almost all of the food tastes great besides some options. Most of the breakfast options at Braum’s are terrible. The pancakes, gravy, and sausages were juicy.

Their lunch, in my opinion, tastes great. The chicken fingers and burgers are very good except for them being too salty sometimes. The fries were just the perfect combination of salt and fries.


Mcdonald on other hand has great breakfast options that consist of hash browns that were rated by a fellow classmate as being crunchy and greasy. The McMuffins are good. They consist of eggs, cheese, and sausage. They have pancakes apple pies apples and sausages.

Overall Mcdonald’s is 5 stars and Braums is 4 stars

[Fourth Topic]


From my experience, fast food is pretty easy and fast to get but sometimes it takes a while.

Mcdonald’s will normally take 8 to 10 minutes but on some occasions, it can be 20 minutes, and very rarely the line won’t move. It is a little longer in the morning and after school.


Braums is fast because they have fewer customers that eat at their restaurant, their wait times are usually quicker at about 5-7 minutes and that stays the same most of the day but pretty commonly they don’t give you your food for a while after you get to the window.

Overall, Braum’s gets 2 stars and McDonald’s gets 4 stars.


Overall Braum’s got 15 stars and Mcdonald’s got 16 Stars so McDonald’s wins the Competition. I think that Braums would’ve won if they had more reliable wait times, I like both of the restaurants a lot but McDonald’s wins. In my opinion, Braum’s has less “value”.