Seatbelts On Buses


Seatbelts on a bus

Leo Sonnakolb , Contributor

BOOM! Next thing you know you are flying through the air. The last thing you remember doing is getting on the bus this morning. School buses should have seat belts because they save kids, they also prevent you from flying out of your seat,  and they can prevent distractions for the driver.  

Reason one that school buses should have seatbelts is they save kids’ lives. It is shown that six kids die a year from accidents in school buses this means that if they were to wear seat belts they could or would be a reduction to even none dying.  MotorBiscuit states “In fact, the NHTSA reports that while four to six school-age children die each year on school vehicles, school buses are the safest vehicles on the road.” but they would be even safer with seat belts. You may say that seat belts would be even more dangerous in a crash.

Reason two is that school buses need seatbelts is kids won’t fly out of their seats when they hit a bump or when you crash. This means when hitting a bump or crashing there will be less injury. So it will make it way safer for children. The Clark Law Office states   “They prevent riders from being ejected from the seats” which concludes reason number two.  You could also say they will injure the kid when they crash because they will keep them there and pull on their chest and shoulders.

  Reason number three the last reason is if buses have seatbelts it won’t cause a distraction from the driver. So if their kids are buckled they can get up and they won’t be going from seat to seat or sliding under the seat. According to inminet “When children are in their seat belts, behavior problems decrease. This means drivers are not only less distracted, but they are more satisfied with their job.”. You could argue with me by saying that if kids need to move somewhere else then they can’t now.

Buses should have seatbelts. It will keep kids alive, it would also keep kids in their seats, it could make the driver more satisfied with their job because the kids would be more well behaved. Now that you know, would you want seat belts on buses? It could save you or your kid’s life. If your bus crashes would you want seatbelts on your bus?