Children Should Spend Less Time On Electronics

Children Should Spend Less Time On Electronics

Joshua Gutierrez, Contributor

Did you know that children spend at least 5-7 hours on electronics like TV, computer, smartphone, or game consoles each day? The time kids spend on electronics is often referred to as “screen time”.  Children should spend less time on electronics. Many kids that watch too much TV become unhealthy, obese, and develop anger problems. Having too much screen time at a young age could have an effect on language development, reading skills, and short term memory. Another reason that kids should have less screen time is that it is affecting their concentration and creativity.


According to this article, children that watch too much tv are most likely overweight and depending on what they watch, they could be more aggressive. Watching too much violence through electronic media could lead to children thinking violence is acceptable. This means if children spend too much time on electronics it will affect their health and how they are seen by others. Too much screen time also causes irregular sleep. As stated in this article, “Sleep loss can lead to fatigue and increase snacking.”

 Too much screen time at a young age could also affect language development, reading skills, and short term memory according to this article. When a TV is on adults talk less which means toddlers hear less words and learn less words. Toddlers also are learning to pay attention for long periods of time, and toddlers that watch too much TV are more than likely to have struggles paying attention by age 7.This means that being on electronics too much can affect you growing up and how you act growing up.


 According to this article children are developing lack of focus, lack of creativity and that electronics “steal time”. Screen time steals time from working on homework, playing outside, spending time with friends and other similar activities. Children who spend more than 2-3 hours on screen time often suffer from lack of focus in classroom environments, which could cause ADHD. This means too much screen time will have an impact on how you learn. 


I have wondered if watching YouTube, playing video games, or just being on your phone for a couple hours would affect you. Now that I have learned more about the problems of too much screen time I myself will be taking a step back from watching, or playing because of these reasons. Since you have learned something new about too much electronics. Will you be doing something about how much you are on them?