sleeping lady

Kelsey Shull, Contributer

Do you have dreams? That’s a stupid question. Most people have dreams, but mine are really, really weird and I usually remember them for a while. I’m gonna be honest. This dream I’m telling you about is a lil weird and disturbing and by a little I mean a lot. It will be slightly exaggerated but only a little.


My dad, my brother, and I were meeting up with my grandma to do something together. But she wasn’t there, so my dad told me to go look for her. Obviously I checked her mansion that all fake dream grandmas live in. When I saw her I asked, “are you (grandma’s name)?”

She said yes. Then I asked, ”Were you supposed to meet with your son today?”. She said no, and I looked confused, so she realized I knew it wasn’t actually her.


When she realized I knew something was up, she started chasing me, I didn’t know what to do. There was a balcony, and I thought about jumping off that. It was a pretty deep fall so I decided not to. Instead I just started running and she chased me for a while, until she caught me and everything went black.


I woke up in the middle of a big room in the mansion. Then she walked in and walked towards me. So I tried getting out of there but when I stood up. I fell, I was so confused, why couldn’t I walk? What did she do to me? I also couldn’t understand her. The next thing I know my mouth is super glued shut! Then she decided to go through my bag and found liquid eyeliner,(that I did NOT put in there) . She  just smiled, very creepily, it reminded me of how the grinch smiles. For the next 6 hours she covered me in eyeliner, and made me swallow liquid eyeliner. Spoiler alert: it had no flavor. I woke up and didn’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night.

So yea my dreams are pretty weird. I’ve had one where my s/o and fiance were dating, but even when I woke up the dream was still real, like it had actually happened. Obviously, me being me, I decided to text them both and asked if they liked one another. Luckily they both said no, so I calmed down. If you’re wondering what your dreams mean, you should check out this or a dream dictionary website.  So the moral of the story, dreams are weird.