4 Ways Cats Can be Jerks


This a group of cats.

Summer Bazan, Contributor


Cats are major jerks sometimes in more ways than one. So, this is going to be four ways cats can be jerks. And, trust me, there are so many ways they can be jerks it’s kind of insane. I own three cats so I know some pretty big ones.


First on the list is going to be how they can play you by acting like they really want something. Then as soon as you do/get it for them then they just completely ignore it. One thing that makes this about how cats are jerks is the mind games!!! It’s so annoying, sometimes, or all the time.


Two, the only time they want to be around you is when they want you to pet them. This is the top thing for me just because you think they are trying to be sweet for once, but nope. They just want attention and want you to do something for them or they just leave like it never happened. 


Three, when you’re in the middle of doing something is when they want to be around you and want your attention. This one is annoying because, for example, I will be sitting on the couch doing something on my computer and then boom. My cat comes up to me and lays smack on top of my computer keyboard. So this is definitely one of the most annoying ones. 


Finally four, they are the sweetest things as kittens then as they get older they just start to hate you. This one is annoying because whenever they are kittens that is part of what makes you buy them, based on how sweet they are. Then as they get older they just seem like they never used to be that way.


That is just four ways cats can be jerks. There are obviously more ways they can be jerks that aren’t listed here. Maybe you could experience it if you got a cat, then you would know the pain… But there are some good things about having a cat too, it’s not all bad.