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Kristopher Magana, Contributor

Did you know that there are 57,000 years of content on Youtube or that Youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet its bigger than Bing Yahoo and Ask combined, you will learn many more things just like this later in this story.

[Topic 1 The Beginning]

Youtube started as a dating website that allowed people to post videos talking about the person of their dreams in the hope someone else would comment on the video confirming that they were this person, which is very surprising to some people. In 2006 Youtube became an attempt to make a website where people could post any video they desired. It was created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim who were three former Paypal employees. A company called Sequoia Capital invested 3.5 million dollars and an additional 8.5 million later in Youtube hoping it would become a huge website, which it was going to be. At the beginning of their company, they had around 30,000 viewers a day. Just 6 months later, it had about 2 million visitors a day and 25 million videos had been uploaded. During the summer, Youtube became one of the fastest-growing websites of all time, but this came with problems. This led to Youtube selling their company to Google for 1.65 billion dollars. Once Google bought Youtube, it became a multi-billion-dollar company from all of the new attention brought to the website. And just a year later they added the partner program which allowed people to earn money from making videos. All of these new features would turn it into what we have now.

[Topic 2 Large Events]

Google acquiring youtube for 1.65 Billion dollars is a big event in youtube history because it would mark the point where youtube would skyrocket in popularity. They also created the subscriber play buttons which have varied in design over the years, the play buttons could be earned when racing 100,000 subscribers when you reached this milestone Youtube would give you a silver Youtube logo. At 1 million you would get a gold one, at 10 million you would get a diamond one with a diamond planted inside of it, and finally, at 100 million you would get a ruby play button. In 2012 the event that happened was the first video with 1 billion views, which is a crazy number. The video was Gangnam style. Today it has 4.32 billion views. That’s gigantic that is about half of the population of the world. The next large event was the introduction of Minecraft videos. On Youtube, Minecraft started 100s of channels that were focused on Minecraft. Minecraft was so popular on youtube because of three factors: one- Youtube needed more content. two- Minecraft is incredibly simple so anyone could know what they were doing in the video. three- there are tons of video ideas for Minecraft so you could use Minecraft to make videos for a long time. But Minecraft soon died out because the internet decided it was cringy. A few years later, Pewdiepie vs T-Series happened/ This was a big event and shattered multiple world records. It started because Pewdiepie, a single man who has been the most subscribed channel for years, was getting his spot stolen by a soulless company from India. So, the internet banded together to help Pewdiepie keep his spot. But they failed and T Series hit 100 million first. In present times Pewdiepie is at 111 million subscribers and T Series is at 210 million.

That brings us to now. Recently Youtube made a big move by getting rid of the dislike button. This was so controversial because people would use the dislike button to get rid of bad YouTubers or dislike videos that were scams or clickbait so people who found the video would know it was fake. This made the community mad but youtube never put it back.

[Topic 3 Content]

The first big thing people would make videos about and still do is gaming the reason gaming is so popular is because it is so simple there always been people who love games so why not record yourself playing games and put them on youtube to make money which is why most people make videos. The second one is music the reason why music is so popular is that it gives people easy access to their favorite music and the producers of the music make a ton of money because some videos get billions of views. More recently youtube has had tons of videos about makeup which was more focused for girls on youtube this made it super popular because for a long time there weren’t videos focused for girls on youtube but this topic brought problems because three massive YouTubers got into a scandal that got one of there careers ruined but people later found out that the other two lied about the one that got there career ruined and the internet looked into there history on youtube and found some very bad things and they proceeded to ruin their career so they stopped making videos. Another topic is food/mukbang in mukbang videos the person filming buys a ton of food and they proceed to eat it in their video very loudly. Mukbang videos appeal to lonely people so while there eating they feel like they’re eating with a friend. Vlogs are also very popular, vlogs are videos about people’s everyday life the film themself normally waking up eating breakfast talking about something and then driving/walking around there town, They then eat lunch and continue driving and finally the end of the video. The final subject I will talk about is walkthroughs, walkthroughs are basically game tutorials that are made to help people beat games by showing people how to beat certain levels.
Walkthroughs are most commonly no commentary videos, no commentary videos are self-explanatory there’s no talking, people also watch these videos for entertainment if there’s talking.


In conclusion, Youtube has a large history that’s very interesting and the community has a lot of things happening in it some of which are scandals something called getting canceled which is basically people ruining your life because of something you did no matter how recent or long ago you did it which is pretty terrible because the person could’ve changed, but there are good things that happen sometimes that involve people joining forces to help people what I mean by that is raising money for homeless people helping families but the most famous things that have happened is a YouTuber that goes by MrBeast got his following to plant 20 million trees and pickup 30 million pounds of trash out of the ocean which I didn’t cover. Another thing learned is there’s a ton of content posted on youtube there are 30,000 hours of content posted per hour that’s 720,000 hours of content per day and there are tons of genres of content some of those are music, entertainment, movies, gaming, beauty, conspiracies and many more, and some interesting facts like Youtube originally being a dating website.