The 5 Oceans


A picture of all 5 oceans on a map

Mariah Vega , Contributor

Did you know that the ocean covers 75% of the world? While this is true, it isn’t just one big ocean.  It is split up into 5 different parts, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, southern, and Arctic ocean. If you want to learn a bit more about them, keep reading! 

The first ocean I will talk about is the Arctic ocean. The Arctic is located approximately at the north pole. It is the smallest and shallowest ocean out of the four being 3,406 feet deep and 5.427 million mi². This ocean contains different types of whales, endangered polar bears, and Walruses. Also, did you know that the lowest recorded temperature in the arctic ocean is -94°F.

The second one I will talk about is the Pacific Ocean. It is between North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. Because of that, it is touching lots of countries including Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, plus many more.The Pacific ocean Is the biggest ocean. It is 63.8 million mi² and 14,040 ft deep. You can find sharks, whales, turtles, and well over a million fishes. Since this ocean is the biggest it also has most animals. 

Now I will be talking about the Indian Ocean. It is near Australia,Africa, and Asia. The Indian ocean is 27.24 million mi². It has sea turtles, sharks, sea snakes, dugongs, and whales. The Indian ocean does not have as many animals as the other oceans because of its low plankton levels. 

The fourth ocean is the Atlantic ocean. It sits in between South America, North America, Africa, and Europe.The Atlantic ocean is the second biggest ocean in the world being 41.1 million mi².  There are seahorses, whales, sharks, dolphins, types of turtles and much more. A fun fact about this ocean is that in Greek mythology lts name means “Sea Of Atlas’. 

The last ocean is the Southern ocean. It surrounds Antarctica and is 7.849 million mi². The southern ocean is the second to last when it comes to size between all 5 oceans.  It has fish , seals, penguins, squids, and lots more animals.  The southern ocean became the 5th ocean in the 2000’s.

Have you learned something new? I know I have. For example when I was writing this story I learned about the southern ocean! Now, this isn’t everything about the ocean. In upcoming stories I will tell you more about the oceans and their mysterious animals.