Top 4 Hero/Villain Movies

the new batman

the new batman

Haydyn Barret, Contributor

How long has it been since you’ve been to the movies when covid happened? Well here are the top you should watch that came out during the pandemic the movies will be hero/villain movies. This story will be about hero/villain movies based on comic or inspired by TV shows and comic books, basic plot, and ratings.

Top 4:  Venom let there be Carnage:This movie is a sequel to Venom, it was released on 2021 October 1 this movie was based off the comic Venom let there be Carnage the comic was made in 1992 in the comic Venom and Spider-Man work together. The plot in the movie is a person named Cletus Casedy who is an inmate in an insane asylum where he then bite’s Eddie also known as Venom. Cletus later becomes carnage because of the Venom symbiote and goes on a rampage. The rating for this movie is 58%, a fun fact about this movie is in the end credit’s it is revealed that Venom is a part of the ssu so in future movies there might be Spider-man.

Top 3: The Batman: This movie was released on March 4, 2022 so it is still pretty recent. This movie was inspired by the comic Batman: Ego and other tales. This comic was made in 2000. The plot is about a murderer also known as the Riddler that makes the Batman solve puzzles and riddles he tries to figure out who it is Batman later get’s a partner known as Cat woman they both work too figure who the Riddler is and save Cat woman’s friend. The Batman is rated 85% a fun fact the Riddler was inspired by the zodiac killer because of how similar they look. Batman is more realistic than the others so when he’s shot it looks like he really feels a bullet hit him.

Top 2: Shang Chi and the legends of the ten rings: This movie was released on September 3, 2021 Shang chi was actually inspired by a Chinese American character named Kwai Chang Caine from a tv show named Kung Fu. The plot of Shang Chi is that he is a master of kung Fu he then has to confront his past after he is reunited with his sister and father he then has to protect the gate of evil’s from his father who thinks their mother is in their, this movie is rated 91%. A fun fact about this movie is that he is mcu’s first major Asian character.

Top 1: Spider-Man No Way Home: This movie was released on December 17 2021 this movie is based off the comic one more day it was made in 2007. The plot of Spider-Man is that he is redeemed a murderer and said that he killed Mysterio he then asks Dr, Strange for everyone to forget him but Spider-Man keeps asking to change the spell that leads to new villain’s and other heroes. This movie is rated 93%. A fun fact about this movie is that they changed Electro’s look. They told him his character won’t be blue and have a more human look.

These are the best hero/villain movies of the 2020’s that you may have missed while you were in quarantine so if you are ever bored then these are some best hero/villain movies you should watch.