School Uniforms are Bad



Mariah Vega , Contributor

When you wake up for school do you get the opportunity to choose your own outfit? Or do you have a uniform? Most people think uniforms help their students focus better and it may stop  bullying, but it does not. I am going to show you why the USD253 school district should not adopt school uniforms. 

My first reason is that it does not let kids express themselves. According to liveaboutdotcom, “Many students who are against school uniforms argue that they lose their self-identity when they lose their right to express themselves through fashion.” This means that kids might not feel comfortable at school so it might encourage them to skip school more. 

My next reason is that it might cost more than people can afford. According to liveaboutdotcom it can be costly to buy school uniforms. Some schools specify a certain manufacturer or store to ensure uniformity, making it harder to find competitive pricing.” This means that spending the time to find the uniforms and the money to buy them just might not be worth it. 

My last reason is that it doesn’t stop bullying. According to Our family world, “When kids can’t pick on another student’s choice of shirt style, they’ll look for something else. A bully who wants to poke fun will find a way to do it.” What this person is trying to say is that even if they have the same clothing, it doesn’t mean they will just stop. If they are determined to be a bully they will always find a way. 

Uniforms don’t prevent bullying, or let children express themselves, or are cheap. Due to all of these reasons, I don’t think uniforms should be adopted in the USD253 school district. To learn more about how uniforms are bad, go to this website.